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Illusionary 3D Rug

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An Illusionary Home Experience

This Illusionary 3D Rug will be the most eye-catching decoration in your home. Your friends will definitely be impressed. It may even scare them! It’s also a fantastic conversation starter so please be prepared for people to ask you about it! Non-slip design. Kids and pets friendly.

Small: 24×16 inches (60×40 cm)
Medium: 36×24 inches (90×60 cm)
Large: 48×32 inches (120×80 cm)


Insane Illusionary Effect

The unique black and white plaid design produces an insane illusion, bringing you a luxurious and confortable home experience.

A Unique Festival Decoration

The 3D effects make the rug image look so real. Your kids and friends will love it badly! It will harmoniously blend with any room. Made of super soft and durable materials, you will feel comfortably laying on it.

❝I am very happy with my purchase. I will be purchasing more for my family and friends.❞

Florence Pines
Florence Pines

Salt Lake City, UT

❝Love my purchase! Already received a compliment on it.❞

Andy Brown
Andy Brown

Dallas, TX

❝The ordering was simple and the items arrived quickly. I will look forward to my next order.❞

Mary Taber
Mary Taber

Miami, FL

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